Lauren's Birthday

Today marks Lauren's 24th birthday. 

This is one of our first family photos together.
I believe it was taken after Lauren's baby dedication at church.
So cute!

I can still remember the details of her birth day and the night before.

I didn't sleep much having a lot of uncomfortableness but not realizing I was in labor.
Steve was getting ready to leave for work.
He said it would be easier for us to go in now and get checked out
rather than him go to work and my need him.
He was a UPS driver and would be out on a route.
You know, before cell phones.

Yep, I was in labor and Lauren made her debut at 7:55 p.m.

Isn't she so cute, here!

Side note:
We had moved into this house (our current San Diego house) earlier in the year .  The twins were 10 months old and I was pregnant with Rachel when the photo was taken.  And, Lauren and Steve are walking on what is now our entryway.  We only have a few photos of our house at this stage.

I must admit that I love looking for pictures to put on here...
going down memory lane and all!

I think the next photo is my favorite and just cracks me up.

What a little dollie!!!!!!

I pray your day is special.
I'm so glad that our family started with you.
God blessed us that day 24 years ago.
I was 24 years old when I had you and now look at us!


Anonymous said...

awww . . . How cute. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

Hope you had a very nice day!

Love from, the Cotas

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