just the other morning

We took a lovely walk outside...
oh, important fact:
it was only 26 degrees out there

everyone say brrr...brrr...brrr...

we walked, and we explored

we chatted about the "moo's"
and we smiled for the camera...{well, almost}

we stomped some

and then we actually did smile for the camera!

shortly thereafter, Mommy declared it to be too cold outside
and the happy group migrated to warmer playgrounds...
aka: the house

the end.


Ashley said...

very very cute...makes me want an ellie hug right now! :)


Anonymous said...

She's just beautiful and I feel the burr just seeing it from afar... David loves this time and temp with fireplaces roaring... Miss you all... I finally found the blog! Love and hugs from Margaret Ann and David Pimpo!

Anonymous said...

Ellie....you are precious!!

hugs, Mrs. C (Mary Cota)