May 17th

Almost there - a whole year of pictures. The days are long, but the years are short in so many ways. Today's pictures have a story that starts this morning when I was out capturing early morning sunshine in my pictures. Unfortunately, I only made it to two locations before my camera battery died, I had to come home, and the battery charged for several hours. 

A different perspective of the end of our street as I wanted to get that beautiful pink tree in the shot.

Today is a busy day where I can't seem to get ahead. I am editing and formatting a book for print (new challenge that is making me learn Word software like never before), blogging!!!, and tonight, attending a wedding that has been much anticipated!

The top photo from this morning -- the bottom photo from the afternoon

As you can see, I glanced out a window and quickly realized that I had better go out and get the rest of my pictures before those rain clouds surrounding the valley decided to let loose. I'm still hoping for a thunderstorm.  But not at the wedding.  That would not be cool. 

Everything has turned green at our house. The trees are fully leafed, the grass has been mowed three times already, and the planters have filled with ground cover. Do you see the two pink tulips at the right side of the house? A surprise from the people who lived here before us, these lovely flowers brighten the side yard with unexpected color. All naturally watered by spring rainstorms. The duration of which you should stay inside. 

The courthouse is much the same; other than there is no snow on the lawn and you can see cloud reflections in the windows. The trees are blurry because the wind was blowing hard. Probably trying to get those rain clouds directly above me to release their load. At which point, I would stay inside. 

The First Avenue Park is now a good place to practice your frisbee toss or enjoy a picnic. Unless it's raining. Then you should stay inside. 

Here we have the First Avenue sidewalk, wondrously dappled in light and showdows, beckoning you to come out for a stroll. Unless, of course, it's raining. Then you should stay inside. 

One good thing about rain: it makes exquisite cloudscapes. From far away. If it's above you, you should stay inside. Just some friendly advice. 

Enjoy your Friday,

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the pics and the narrative. I'll be sure to bring a poncho for my next visit.

Mr. S