Goodness Gracious it is March!

Happy March, friends.

This promises to be a beautiful month of celebrations.

The celebrations have already started, in fact.

I will let Kacey do the post regarding it -- Hudson's first birthday party last Saturday.

I'm not sure if this look is the result of Ellie's imagination or of two aunts having too much fun!

Since Steve got back in town, we have been spending time over at Jay and Kacey's place working on the upstairs!  This is a great excuse to see the grandchildren really!!!!

Steve (notice his dirty work knees!) is teaching Ellie the workings of a tape measure!  We bought her and Hudson one that they can use to create their own projects.

Lots of reading to Hudson.  He sure does love his books!

One evening we did some sparklers too!

You see, Rachel received some sparklers for her birthday one and a half years ago.

They haven't been used yet.

Ah, it was a Hudson pre-birthday celebration.

Ellie wasn't too sure about the whole thing!

Steve is back in San Diego now working, but  he will be back for more celebrating:

spring will officially begin

our 26th wedding anniversary

the twins 24th birthday

the Resurrection 
of our Lord and Savior 
on Easter morning

Very excited for this month.


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Rachel said...

Great post Mom! Plus those pictures of Ellie fashionista bunny make me want to scoop her up in a big hug :)