The 17th of January

Believe it or not, here we are at the first of my series in 2013!  Monumental in that it also is the sixth installment, meaning we are halfway through another year of life in Montana.

We are still firmly ensconced in winter's icy grip: beauty and bleakness orchestrated into a somber melody.  Being cold is expected; sunshine making snow sparkles is an unexpected gift.

The courthouse remains in the middle of the highway, creating slippery crescents of traffic around it.  In the battle of slip-on shoe vs. snow field, the snow field proved victorious.  What I sacrifice for these pictures . . .

Moving to the park, I greeted a chipper friend who wanted to fight with my camera.

The snow is criss-crossed with squirrel hops and people steps.  Children up here may not know what a giraffe is, but a squirrel makes an easy illustration.

Speckled trees like snowy sentinels guarding a slick, slippery sidewalk (oh la la, alliteration)

Our house hasn't changed much, other than all the curtains on the front of the house are closed.  A flock of about 300 birds descended to strip the berry tree out front.  I was working on restocking the wood room from the wood pile out back, watching and laughing.  Timid and excitable, the flock didn't come to the back tree which has three times as many berries on it.  I'm sure they will return soon!

The best part of this frosty phenomenon called winter is Dry Bridge Park, now prime sledding real estate.  Families gather on the weekend to burn their children's energy by the fun, followed by the work. Going down is easy; ice picks are needed on the way up. Or to burn their dog's energy at the same time; one family I saw had their Great Dane with them who would chase their daughter down the hill, perfectly able to keep up with the sled.  Them big dogs. 

Truly, even if just for a few hours, the days are better with the sun shining.  I have been blown away by the beauty of winter the last couple of days; where before, I was confounded by the constant chill.  Gratitude has welled up in my heart for God's awesome creation, even if it does complicate my life. I can't describe the gift of the sun warming my cheek, while my breath creates clouds before my face.

True to winter's contradictory nature, after this morning's sunshine, a deep, dense fog rolled into the streets of Kalispell.   We are hiding in the basement next to the wood fire, but I must venture out soon to change the rabbit's frozen water bowls.  

We have not been posting much because all of us contributers are fed up with blogger and the old design of this blog.  It has it oddities and quirks, but lately they have become unbearable.  Of course, I doubt whether anything will change; we run like a squeaky, rusty old locomotive at times.  But our hope is to soon have a better way to interface with you all and put our best foot forward in this world-wide web.


Jodi said...


Thank you for enduring blogger to post these lovely photos! Your writing was also filled with lovely words! You must have been in a cheery mood or just eaten a big bar of chocolate! The first photo was my favorite. And the berry's are all gone????? That was such a lovely thing to see out our bedroom window--especially with snow sitting on top of them!

Lovely is the adjective of the day it seems. That describes you, too, you know!


Anonymous said...

Rachel, thank you for another lovely stroll around Kalispell! You are quite a writer and photographer! I felt as though I were there on the walk with you.

love and hugs from San Diego, Mary

Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

Hi KC, just wanted to stop by and say hi :) Thanks for your sweet blog comment! Yay for another Montana blogger, there truly aren't too many of us :)