O Christmas Tree

Yes, it has been a while since any of us has posted.

We are sorry.

We have been on a trip.

We are back now.

Well, we were back and then Steve left again.

We promise to catch you all up on the trip


First, we would like to share with you about our Christmas tree adventure.

There once was a girl from San Diego who went into the forest.

Her sister went, too, and brought a camera!

Dad came as well and brought a saw!

Dad used the saw to cut down the finest tree there ever was in the big, bad forest.

And then the sister with the camera,
Set the camera on the truck bed and took a picture of them all.

Our house now has the best Christmas tree ever.

The end.

Jodi (for all the girls)


Anonymous said...

Kudos on a tree-mendous effort by Steve. Kacey is looking more "well rounded" than she did here in San Diego. Rachel got her snow (no prayers necessary).

Till the next post,
Mr. S.

Anonymous said...

'k that looks like Ashley to me. In any event LOVE the photos and the tree and the snow!! Miss you all so much.
Mrs. L =)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. L,

You're right. But they still look like twins to me.

Mr. S.